Change direction of the rolling text/song information

Is it possible to change the direction of the rolling text/song information in HTML5 Shoutcast / Icecast Radio Player? At the moment it’s going from left to right but we would like it to go into the other direction.

Yes, Please find files in wordpress plugin folder

– shoutcast-icecast-html5-radio-player/html5/html5shoutcast.php
– shoutcast-icecast-html5-radio-player/html5/html5icecast.php


– html5-mp3-player-with-playlist/html5plus/html5full.php
– html5-mp3-player-with-playlist/html5plus/html5big.php
– html5-mp3-player-with-playlist/html5plus/html5small.php

then find tag <marquee …. and change direction=”right” to direction=”left”

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