Copyrighted Music

Copyrighted Music Publicly?

When you buy an audio file, software, or CD, even those specifically marketed for business purposes, the purchase price covers only your private listening use, regardless of how they are labeled. Once you decide to play any copyrighted music publicly, you need permission from the copyright owners……

Can I add copyrighted songs to the player?

Of course you can, unlike a common misconception, you are not “uploading” files to the player, you are letting the in-game player know where your music files are on your computer. No uploading of any music takes place, you can add any songs you want to your music player……

Music Sharing?

We know about legal music sharing and violating copyright by hosting MP3 files on our hosting server. We are providing HTML5 MP3 Music/Audio Player with Flash fallback to listen MP3 music to our customers/users. The customers are purchasing HTML5 MP3 Player with playlist not music.
We are not selling or hosting or uploading copyrighted or unlicensed music on our hosting server…….

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