Karaoke – HTML5 MP3 Player with Lyrics

HTML5 MP3 Player with Lyrics require:

1. MP3 File
2. MP3 Info (Title, Artist etc.)
3. MP3 Lyrics
4. MP3 Images

HTML5 MP3 Karaoke Player will be set manually to synchronize MP3 Song with Lyrics to make a perfect Karaoke

HTML5 Audio Karaoke Tool

HTML5 Audio Karaoke Tool

HTML5 Audio Karaoke Tool Process

HTML5 Audio Karaoke Tool Process

After uploading MP3 link and MP3 Lyrics you have to click lyrics text on left & lyrics image on right as in above screen. The karaoke lyrics synchronization will be manual. You can slowdown MP3 song using slider provided below HTML5 MP3 Player.

Simple Steps to create karaoke lyrics for MP3 file

– Upload MP3 with link & lyrics
– Play MP3 song in top player
– Adjust song playing speed using slider
– Upload karaoke image (jpeg) from flash based multi file browser button
– Click on lyrics text or image simultaneously
Preview Karaoke when you done with process

Karaoke Lyrics Player will work on 3 variables

$mp3_song = “1342864411.mp3”;
$mp3_lyrics = ‘1342864411.json’;
$mp3_images = ‘i1342864411.json’;

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